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Marci Green Campbell

Because of COVID, access to the ballot for both citizens and candidates was interrupted. Therefore, in order to be the voice of the people on Utah's Capitol Hill, spread the word to WRITE IN Marci Green Campbell on the ballot in UT Senate district 23. Let all your friends and family know in Bountiful, E. Centerville, West Bountiful, Woods Cross, NSL, & N.Rose Park
"Posterity-you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.”
― John Quincy Adams

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Letter to Lt. Governor Office highlighting issues with primary elections & requests for write-in candidates

April 3 ,2020

Loving Liberty

January 16,2020

Voices of Reason



"Marci Campbell has demonstrated commitment, perseverance, and most importantly genuine concern for the opinions and values of Utahns. If elected, I believe she will accurately and fairly represent the interests and voice of the people of Davis County. I believe from working with Marci on the tax referendum that she would make an amazing representative and will listen to the people she represents, how refreshing!"

Mark Jensen, Executive VP & Chief Operations Officer, Harmons Grocery

"I am thrilled to endorse Marci Green Campbell for Utah State Senate District 23.  I find that Marci's values very closely matches my Constitutional values based on original intent.  She is very strong on my most passionate issue, the 2nd Amendment and I believe she would be a strong additional ally in the senate. I have also spoken to several people in the district who have high regard for her integrity, ethics and tenacity. I would encourage all delegates to support Marci in her bid for this important seat."
Curt Oda, Former Utah Representative

"Marci Green Campbell is a proven leader who brings people together in order to achieve remarkable results. Every Utahn owes her a vote of thanks because without her untiring efforts to work with the grocery stores in supporting the signature collection effort, the tax referendum could very well have failed. Marci has everything it takes to be a great state senator—intelligence, empathy for all Utahns, an ability to work “across the aisle,” leadership skills and the determination to do what is best for everyone rather than siding with powerful special interests or putting the well-being of government ahead of that of the average Utahn." 

Ronald Mortensen, Ph.D., FSO (retired)

"I've known Marci for 20+ years. She will represent us with integrity, leadership, and be a voice for the future of our state."

Mrs. Phil Olsen

"I have known Marci Green Campbell for over 10 years.  Marci is woman of integrity and love.  She presents herself professionally in all aspects of her life.  She practices what she believes.  She encourages all around her to love and appreciate life to the fullest.  I have never known anyone like her - with the ability to play and enjoy her life and also honor and fulfill her commitments to self and others.  She is the most loyal and honest individual I have ever known and I feel so privileged to call her my friend and mentor."

Annette Wills, Owner MidiCi Pizza 

"Marci Green Campbell is incredible, talk about an upgrade possibility for Davis and Salt Lake Counties in our Utah Senate. She is a tremendous leader, super cool under pressure and smart as a whip. Dr Campbell will be a fantastic Legislator. Join with me in supporting your next Senator in the Utah Senate from Davis and Salt Lake Counties. She has my trust, respect, my endorsement, without reservation."
Matthew Bell
Candidate for Utah House 59

"I’m excited to endorse Marci Green Campbell for Senate District 23. Marci jumped in and worked hard to help repeal SB2001, a horrible bill that would raise the sales tax on food and expand the tax base to include services. Marci took action when she saw that SB2001 would be harmful to families and to those who are most vulnerable on our communities. We need someone like Marci in the Senate, someone who is willing to take action for us, the regular folks. Someone who will take action to decrease Utah’s out of control spending. Someone who will take action to shrink the size of government. Someone who will take action to put a stop to endless tax increases. In addition to being a fiscal conservative, Marci has a Masters Degree in Counseling. Her expertise in that field would be a valuable asset, desperately needed as our state continues to grapple with high suicide statistics. Last but not least Marci truly cares about the delegates and the caucus convention system. She honors and respects your time, your voice and your vote."

Kris Kimball

Past Davis County Republican Chair; Co-Host: Liberty Moms

Email: marcigreencampbell@gmail.com
Phone: 801.872.4228
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