COVID response should include complete data with a comprehensive plan that includes unintended consequences for today, next year, and into the future. As an educator, I understand the utmost importance of education. I believe in efficient administration so that our teachers and classrooms receive the money they deserve. Rapid growth needs a well-planned solid infrastructure with roads, clean air, education, and an unencumbered ability to work and play. I will promote and protect liberty with conservative guided principles. My #1 goal is to listen to YOUR input and represent your voice!



Too much educational money is spent at the broad administrative level. Keeping decisions local allows principals, teachers, and parents more say in their children's education. We value education in Utah. Thus, our teachers need to be paid accordingly. Less money for red tape and more money for the teachers.


Free enterprise gives people the greatest liberty for work options. Businesses succeed best with limited government involvement. Over-regulation and burdensome licensure laws detract people from choosing to work in needed career paths. 


 Growth comes with necessary government action. Much like a firm foundation is needed when building a home, a solid infrastructure is needed for a stable and strong economy. Efficient planning of roads, air quality, stable housing, and schools should accompany growth strategies. 

Social Issues

I support the second amendment. I am pro-life. I support religious freedom and freedom of speech. I support all Utahns with a track record of promoting a unifying spirit amongst citizens. 

Efficient Taxation

Efficient taxation requires all recipients of tax dollars to be accountable for use. A simple tax structure is needed for accountability and low taxes. NO new food tax, NO new gas tax, or NO new service taxes. We do not have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. 

Clean Air

Enjoying Utah means freedom from unhealthy air quality. With more people, business, and the refineries, government needs to consider every option for clean air and quality of life. 

© 2020 by Marci Green Campbell for Utah Senate